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We invite you to join us at the Annual Meeting Luncheon, taking place during the Pennsylvania Statewide Conference on Heritage.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017
12:00 noon - 1:15 p.m.
Cumberland County Historical Society
Carlisle, Pennsylvania 

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Keynote speaker: Barbara Landis

Sioux  boys as they arrived to the Carlisle Indian SchoolBarbara Landis is the Carlisle Indian School biographer for the Cumberland County Historical Society and a noted expert on the topic who has assisted descendants of the former students of the Carlisle Indian School, writers, filmmakers, students, and researchers developing publications, television documentaries and feature films.

The Carlisle Indian School was founded in October 1879 by U.S. Army Officer, Lt. Richard Henry Pratt. Now a National Historic Landmark, the school was a model for a nationwide system of U.S. government off-reservation boarding schools with the purpose of acculturation. Over 10,000 students from virtually every Native American Indian nation attended from 1879 until 1918, when the school closed. Despite idealistic intentions to offer academic and industrial training, the school’s legacy is mixed viewed today as an effort to assimilate students into mainstream culture and forego their own cultural traditions. It was housed at the Carlisle Barracks, now the home of the U.S. Army War College.

In 1992, Landis developed a web site at, devoted to getting the names of Carlisle Indian School students to their respective nations using the blended names of children taken from school publications and the actual school records found in Record Group 75 of the National Archives. These efforts resulted in a group of  descendants of Carlisle Indian School students proposing the installation of an historic marker, which was installed by  the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission on August 31, 2003.  

In the summer of 2000, she was one of the principle organizers of Pow-Wow 2000: Remembering Carlisle Indian School. This one-time, Memorial Day weekend event commemorated the former Carlisle alumni and their families as part of a year-long series of activities sponsored by the 250th Anniversary Committee of Cumberland County, Pennsylvania.  

Landis participated as keynote speaker in the kick-off program of the first Native American Indian and Alaska Native month activities in Washington, D.C., in 1997 and continues to participate in these annual activities. In early November 2000, she co-presented a series of programs about the Carlisle School for the Smithsonian's National Museum of the American Indian Heye Center in New York City, in conjunction with their exhibition, "Who Stole the Teepee?"  The following summer she was one of the invited presenters at the Jim Thorpe family reunion at the Sac and Fox Tribe in Prague, Oklahoma.  In November, 2002 she participated in the "Boarding School Blues" symposium at the Sherman Indian High School, Riverside, CA, sponsored by University of California and several California American Indian communities. Her topic, "Putting Lucy Pretty Eagle to Rest" discussed a popular ghost story which has for many years been circulated to  romanticize the existence of the Indian Cemetery located at the Carlisle Barracks in Carlisle. Her essay is included in the book, "Boarding School Blues" published by the University of Nebraska Press in 2006. 

 In August 2003, Landis was included among the presenters at the annual Oneida History Conference in Oneida, Wisconsin. Her topic marked the conference as the first to include an American Indian tribe's unique biographical sketches for students who attended Carlisle. Her work, "To the Height of Civilization" was included in the University of Oklahoma Press' anthology of the conference published in 2006. 

Subsequent conferences include a panel lecture about the Carlisle Indian Cemetery in April 2008 for the Native American and Indigenous Studies gathering on the theme, "The Hidden and the Displayed at Boarding/Residential Schools" at the University of Georgia, Athens; and a presentation on Carlisle Indian school artists at the Osage Culture Center's events surrounding the opening of their exhibit "A Legacy...Through the Eyes of our Ancestors," May 2008 in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. 

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